Terms of Use

This site operates as a social networking and dating service for singles seeking a date with Greeks (men and women).The purpose of these terms is to define the relations between the user (you) and the site.

General questions are covered on the general help-page.

§ 1 Personal Data Management

The relationship between the user / member (you) and the service provider GREEK-DATE.AT is described on this Agreement document. Any alteration regarding these Terms & Conditions will be provided in written. By using this site, you understand and agree with the site's personal data management policy; that is the saving of all user/member-related data in the database of the operator of the site.

§ 2 This site is only for adults (+18)

By entering the site, the user / member states clearly that he/she is an adult (+18). The site's moderators have the right to proceed with age verification request. In this case the user / member (you) must provide all the needed documentation to verify his/her age. This Agreement is effective as as soon as the user / member (you) accepts the Terms & Conditions.

§ 3 The site is free for women – why men have to pay?

Here are the prices for men.

How do I become a premium member?

  1. You register for free.
  2. You look around for free if you like the members of the opposite sex listed on our site.
  3. You choose the duration of your Premium membership.
  4. With the completion of the transaction you will get instantly all the perks of a Premium member.
  5. Enjoy your new Premium Membership! .

§ 4 Personal Data / Privacy Policy

The user / member (you) agrees that, in order to use this site, his/her data will be saved and processed accordingly by the site's software and trusted partners, as defined by the laws of Germany.

§ 5 User's Code of Conduct

The user / member (you) assures the site he/she only provides true data. Should he/she provide false data, or disturb other members, or advertise to the members other products or attempt to create technical problems to the site, he / she agrees that the site has the right to block/delete his/her account. Finally, the site reserves the right to proceed legally, in case legal measures are needed.

§ 6 Site's Liability

The site has no liability whatsoever, neither for economic or personal damage that can be related to this partner agency. The site is not liable for incorrect statements made by thirds or in case of technical problems. The site is not liable for abuse of information. The info / data used by other users / members is not always checked by the site's moderators. The site is not liable should third parties obtain unauthorized knowledge of personal data of its users / members, i.e a cyber attack by hackers. The site is not liable for abuse of information given from users / members to third parties. The site has the right but not obliged to change the content of messages, edit or delete photographs and graphics. Herewith please be informed according to rule 33 paragraph 1 “BDSG” and rule 4 of the Teledienst Datenschutz Verordnung (decree for protection of data) that the site keeps the users' data in electronic form.

§ 7 Nutzung

The user / member (you) alone is liable for the content of the information he/she fills in. The user . member (you) assures that the data entered is true, precise, and doesn't contain illegal parts (e.g. illegal photographs). Furthermore, the user / member (you) assures that he/she has no commercial intentions.

The user / member (you) agrees and is obliged to keep away all sort of accusations, damage, loss or demand, which could occur due to his/her registration and/or participation at this service. In detail the user / member (you) is obliged to keep away from the site's editors / moderators any liability, all sorts of obligations, expenses and claims, which could occur due to slander, insult, damage of personal rights, for not accomplished member services and damage of immaterial goods and other claims.

The user / member (you) is obliged to handle emails and other messages confidentially and not make them accessible to third parties without the permission of the originator. The same is valid for names, phone and fax numbers, email and habitation addresses and/or URLs.

Furthermore, he/she will not abuse the service, especially he/she will not spread slanderous, indecent or otherwise illegal material or information.

  • He/she will not threaten, pester or violate the personal rights of third parties.
  • He/she will not load data containing a virus (infected Software) or protected Software or containing other originator protected material.
  • He/she will not influence negatively other members regarding the Site's offers;
  • He/she will not intercept emails and will not try to do so.
  • He/she will send e-mails to members only for the purpose of communication and not for offering or advertising goods or services (unless otherwise stated by the site).
  • He/she will not to send advertising spam.
  • He/she will not to send messages for business purposes.
  • He/she will not insert names, addresses, phone or fax numbers, email addresses in the (profile) personal description.
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Breaking any of the above may lead to immediate deletion of membership. Also, the site reserves the right to proceed with legal actions, if found necessary. Furthermore, the site has the right to exclude a user / member if at the phase of registration or during the use of the services the site's moderators have proof or serious thoughts that this user / member may spread immoral, obscene or politically radical content or photos.

If a user / member (you) will use his/her registered profile for business purposes or/and will use data of third parties for commercial purposes and eventually breaking any of the above terms of the Code of Conduct, then the site reserves the right to request a refund from this user / member as a fine. Any of the above breaches may result in a minimum fine of 2,000 EURO. Further claims of damage remain open.

§ 8 Legal Disputes

Legal disputes will be treated under the jurisdiction of the Munich Court of Law and the legislative framework of the Federal Republic of Germany.

§ 9 Other

SEPA After entering all your banking details and completing the form for buying a Premium Membership, we withdraw the agreed amount within a period of 5 working days. Please make sure that your bank balance can sufficiently cover the amount needed for the buy of the Premium Membership you requested. Otherwise, extra costs may occur. These costs will need to be paid by you.

Legal Liability for the Links

On the site, there are links redirecting to external sites managed by third parties. We do not have any influence on the content of these sites. Thus, we are not liable for their content, but the admins and moderators of these pages. Surely though, if we’ve notice links redirecting to potentially unwanted or dangerous sites, we will proceed with immediate deletion of these links.